Monday, October 14, 2013


I will be taking a little break from my blog for the next couple months as I work on deciding its future.  I will still update you on my goals since I have committed to that at the beginning of each month, but you may not seem much more action from me.

I am considering a few options with my blog:
  • Close it down
  • Focus on ones area to help others: Financial Wellness/Fatherhood/Setting Goals/Education 
  • Use it as a tool in working toward my own goals in different areas of my life - Post long and short-term goals with action steps and use it to keep myself accountable toward those goals. 
  • Talk about principles of books I am reading and applying into my life.
If I decide to keep the blog online I will likely be starting it up again in January with a new name and format.  Thanks for reading my blog and supporting me.  I would be open to any feedback as I look toward changes to make this blog more useful toward others and myself.

You can take my poll on the future of my blog here!

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