Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick Update

Sorry I haven't updated much recently.  This will be a short post but I will try to post something more substantial soon..  40 Days in the World is still going well.  I made it 7 days in a row without complaining, but started over again today.  Now I get to try beating 7 days as my next goal as I strive toward my bigger goal of making it 21 days.

We purchased tickets to see Dave Ramsey live along with his daughter Rachel at the Living a Legacy event in Des Moines on April 24th.  We are really excited.  We have a group from church attending, if you are interested in getting tickets at a discounted rate by joining our group let me know.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making it to the End

Today I ran my first ever 1/2 marathon.  With God's help (since I didn't really train) I was able to push through and finish the race at an 8:18 pace.  It felt great to finish such a long race and now I get to live with the consequences of not training!  My next race is this Saturday for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K.  William will also be participating in the kids run.  Here are a few pictures.

Complaint Free 21 day challenge update: My record is currently 19+ hours without complaining.  I am currently going on a little over 7 hours.  Going 21 days without complaining is going to be difficult, but it will feel great when I make it to the end. 

40 Days in the World Update:  We started a new strategy today called "Paraphrase It!" With this strategy we will look at scripture each day and paraphrase it in our own words while looking for how we can apply the scripture in our own lives.  This week we will work our way through the book of James.  I am looking forward to trying out this need mediation strategy. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Living Complaint Free?

I am reading a new book this week titled: A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen.  I am really intrigued by the concept of better your life through the act of stopping all of the complaints.  So, I committed yesterday to take the 21 day challenge to live complaint free.  So far I have been able to last about 2 hours and still counting as I write this post.  I am looking forward to the time that I can say I have accomplished this goal.  By posting this I am giving you permission to keep me accountable on my blog, on facebook, on twitter or in person.

Here is an affiliate link to buy the book if you are interested.

A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted

40 Days in the World Update (Days 17-19)
  • I need to work on having an eternal focus and not worrying about always being in control. We can only be saved through Christ Jesus and I need to not trying doing everything my self. 
  • I need to forgive others so I can go to God with my sins and truly ask for forgiveness of my sins.  
  • I need to not judge others but focus on God and improving myself.

Monday, October 15, 2012


We started our third week of our 40 Days in the World small group study through our church.  This week's method is called Probe It!  After two days, this has been my favorite method of mediating on God's word.  The basic premise of this method is that you ask specific questions about the text to interpret and then apply scripture to your life. 

The series of questions you ask yourself after reading a part of scripture are:
  1. Is there a sin to confess?
  2. Is there a promise to claim?
  3. Is there an attitude to change?
  4. Is there a command to obey?
  5. Is there an example to follow?
  6. Is there a prayer to pray?
  7. Is there an error to avoid?
  8. Is there a truth to believe?
  9. Is there something to praise God for?
I have found these series of questions to help me gain a better appreciation and understanding of the text and easily able to apply it into my life to day so far. 

40 Days in the World Updates from days 13-16
  • God works miracles! 
  • I need to avoid seeking worldly riches/praise and follow Jesus.
  • I need to continue to work on being a good leader by serving others and not trying to get credit or power for myself.

Being a Zombie

I had a blast on Saturday being a Zombie for the Run of the Living Dead at Sleepy Hollow.  I hope to do it again next year.  Here are few pictures of me from the event. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome, Ava!

William is a cousin and I am an uncle!
This week brought about a couple title changes in our family.  My brother and his wife had a baby girl making William a big cousin and me an uncle.  Above is a picture of us with the newest addition to the Brown family.  She is adorable.

We have continued the 40 Days in the World study.  Here are a few bullet point takeaways from Days 9-12.
  • God wants us to do good, not just abide by "religious laws"
  • We need to have faith and trust God even when things seem overwhelming.
  • It is never too late for God to act!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Two More Races Down

This weekend my family participated in the first color run in Des Moines this Saturday afternoon.  It was a great time! Here is a post run picture of my family. 
On Sunday I ran in the Stinkfoot 5K to raise money for A-T research.  I ended up finishing 8th overall and 1st place in my age division.  Here is a picture of me with my medal after the race.

Next week I get to be a Zombie at the Sleepy Hallow Zombie Run.  It will be my last running event going into my first 1/2 marathon on October 21st. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heading into week 2

We have continued out study of God's Word using the 40 Days in the Word Study.  Here are a few of my thoughts from days 4 through 8.

Day 4: Philippians 3:12b - I will continue to strive to take God's Word and the resurrection of Christ a central part of my life.  I will do this by dwelling on what Christ did for me and press forward as his disciple in all areas of my life.

Day 5: Philippians 4:6 - I need to stop letting things get me down that are beyond my control.  I will remember the blessings that God has granted upon me and my family in times that things seem overwhelming.

Day 6: Philippians 4:13 - With God I know I can get through any time of physical or mental pain and discomfort.  When things are going poorly I will focus on God's strength and when things are going well I will give glory to God. 

Day 7: Philippians 4:19 - I need to seek God first!  God has the power to meet my needs, I need to remember to come to him and allow him to work in my life. 

Our second week's focus method is called, "Picture this!".  Using this method we read a portion of scripture then picture ourselves as various characters in the passage.  You ask yourself, "how would I feel, what would I say, what would I do?" 

Day 8: Mark 1:40-45 - I need to continue to reach out to God and ask for his help, he is willing to help us!

I am really excited about the service project that our small group is in the beginning stages of planning as part of living out God's Word.  We plan on working with the Children's Cancer Connection.  Please keep our church in your prayers over the next 32 days as we complete our study. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

40 Days in the Word

This week Anna and began a new small group study at our church titled 40 Days in the Word by Pastor Rick Warren.  One of my goals of the study is to create a better habit of meditating on God's Word daily.  Not simply reading and/or listing to the Bible but to allow God's Word to dwell in me.  The goals for the class are to "love, learning and live the world of God like never before."  So far I have already gotten a lot out of the study by mediating on God's word each day, reading scripture and watching a video lesson by a Biblical scholar/ministry each day.  Rick Warren said that, "The ultimate purpose of the Bible is to change our lives." I am going to put that into practice the next 40 days!

This week's memory verse is, "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." - Colossians3:16a (NIV).  

I am sure that I will talk more about the study in future blog posts.  I would set a goal to post my application or what I learn each day, but don't think that is very realistic.  I will try to summarize my learning over a few days though. 

Day 1: Philippians 1:6 -- I need to allow myself to be worked on by God.  I need to learn from my circumstances and his Word. 

Day 2: Philippians 1:27a -- I need to focus on God and not myself.  Walk with God and continue to remember his presence in my life throughout my entire day. 

Day 3: Philippians 2:13 -- I need to step into roles that God presents to me to do his work with the talents and passions he has provided and has continue to develop in me.  I may also need to look at areas that I am devoting my time to refocus my priorities.