Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last Month of 2013

Can you believe it is already December?  It is the last month of 2013 and the final days to accomplish a few of my goals and start working on creating my 2014 goals.

Financial Wellness 
By the end of 2013, we would like to pay off over 20% of the current outstanding debt on our house.  To do this Anna and I will continue to work together with our finances find more opportunities to earn and save more money.  We have also considered looking at selling our house, since we probably have a larger house then we really need. 
UPDATE:  We have already completed this goal and have decided at least for the time being to stay in our current house.   Anna is working on her Master's Degree right now which will help her salary increase over the next couple of years to help up eliminate debt quicker.  I also changed my cell phone carrier which will lower our monthly expenses.  We will be looking at other ways to make money and cut expenses in 2014! 
Intellectual Wellness 
My goal for 2013 is to read at least 100.  As Charlie Jones said, "Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet."  I want to read some good books, so that I can be a better person five years from now. 
UPDATE:  I am right on track with my intellectual goal having completed 91 of my books already.  I will need to finish 9 more (3 which I will complete based on my daily readings - devotionals/Bible) this year. 
Physical Wellness 
By the end of 2013 I would like to be back at my pre-broken foot weight. 
UPDATE:  I was a little short of my end of November goal, but still believe I can make it to my pre-broken foot weight of 175 pounds by the end of the year (only 8.2 pounds to lose over December). 

Spiritual Wellness 
After finishing reading the Bible again in 2012, I plan on starting over in 2013.  In addition to reading the Bible, I will be using Tony Dungy's The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge for my personal quiet time in 2013.  
UPDATE:  I have done my personal time throughout the month of November and added "The Love Dare" to supplement this time.  In addition Anna and I are using a devotional together by Tony and Lois Evans that has lead to some good conversations.  William and I are working on establishing a habit of reading/discussing a devotion each day for boys which is going well. 

I will post one more update at the end of the year on each of these four goals and share my goals for 2014 in about 31 days.

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