Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Life!

We had a great day focusing on social wellness celebrating William’s 6th birthday with friends and family.  We started with a carnival-themed party for William’s friends.  Sweet Tooth, the clown came and shared her talents of face-painting and creating animal balloons.  The kids loved it!
Anna and I set up a whole bunch of carnival style games and parents helped out running various stations. 

We finished the party with ice cream catered from Over the Top.  The kids loved the choices of play-dough (sugar cookie), cotton candy and over the moon ice cream.  It was perfect weather and we are thankful to all of our friends who came and made the day so great. 
After the kid party, we quickly cleaned up and set-up for a family grill-out party. I loved that all of my brothers were able to come.  It was great seeing us all in one place again.  I don’t think we got a picture of all of us together – you would think we would learn to do that by now!  It was fun to be able to catch up with everyone and see the joy on William’s face that his family was here.  We are truly blessed to have such a caring and generous family!
Today we are looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day.  My mom will be here this week to watch William since he is on intercession this week and we are still teaching.  We are going to try to take advantage of that this week and get a couple of dates in. 

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