Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking at Our Time

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the All Pro Dad group that meets at my school and sit in on the discussion. There are some great men who lead the group and had a powerful message to share with the dads and their children at their monthly breakfast. This month's focus was on "What do we do with all of our time?"

A powerful quote was shared it read "Your busy schedule + Your children's busy schedule = Missed opportunities to enjoy life and each other." This really spoke powerfully to me thinking back on the many things I missed in William's life his first few years trying to keep a hectic schedule. I work now to limit the number of things I get involved with that William cannot be with me at and make an effort to be involved in the things William is interested in.

One of the activities that they had us do was to look through the different days of the week and write down all of the activities that we spend time doing in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Then we circled all the activities that we were being intentional to create quality family time. After this we went through the days again and wrote down times that we could or should add this quality family time. It is amazing when we are not being intentional with our time that the things and people that matter most are sometimes the first to be moved off our calendars.

Each of us has a limited time on this Earth and our children will never be the same age again. We need to make sure to take advantage of all the time we have with them. At the end of the meeting they played a version of "Cats In the Cradle" by Harry Chapin that I shared on the blog facebook page this week. I am going to share a version from Johnny Cash that is too fast, just like life.
At the end of each meeting they have a challenge activity to do with your children.  This month we were asked to plan and do an activity with our child(ren) and make sure to turn off our cell phones.  So that is my challenge to each of your too.  Moms you can play too.  Plan an activity and let me know what you do! 

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