Monday, September 10, 2012

12 Ways To Balance Work and Family

As a working dad, it can be difficult to find time for family. Your duty to work and family can create stress and conflict in your life. If you feel this way, you aren't alone.
  • 71 perfect of men today say they would take a pay cut if it meant they could have more time with their family
  • Both men and women rank family time as more important than money, power, or status
The truth is that the clash between family and work is a challenge for working dads.  But there are many things you can do to help you succeed at work and at home. Here are 12 ways to help you balance your work and family time.
  1. Tell Co-workers About Your Family Commitment
    Talk with your friends and boss at work about your desire to balance work and family. This will help show them that you won't sacrifice family for your job.

  2. Make Your Boss Your Ally
    Working with your boss requires honesty, trust, and hard work. Work with your boss to create ways that help you meet your duty to both your job and family. One great way is to record your progress on the job in a weekly report to your boss. This way, you are judged on what you do and not just when you're present.
  3. Stay Busy and Focused
    Get your job done during the day so you can get home to your family. Close your office door, hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your cubicle or simply avoid office gossip. Let people know that you mean business when it comes to getting the job done. At the end of the day, you can relax knowing that you put in a full day of work.

  4. Be A Team Player
    Offer to help your co-workers and manager on special projects. It's a great way to prove that you can be flexible when needed. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and they'll help you balance your work and family.

  5. Be Choosy With Special Jobs
    Think before you agree to overtime work or special jobs. It may be tempting to have the extra money or respect, but it may mean you'll have less time with your family.

  6. Show Your Family Commitment
    Display things like your children's artwork and family photos at the office so that everyone can see how committed you are to family. Also keep a scheduled family commitment just like you keep a work commitment. People will quickly learn to respect bother your time at work and with family.

  7. Use Work Benefits That Help You Balance Work and Family
    Your employer might offer benefits like flextime, shift swapping, telecommuting, paternity leave, or leave banks. Use them to help you with work and family time. If your employer doesn't have these benefits, talk with your human resources office about offering them.

  8. Make Career Decision As a Family
    Try to find a job that limits stress when trying to balance work and family. As you consider new work or a promotion, compare the benefits of the job to how it will affect your family time.

  9. Limit Work on Weekends, Vacations and Holidays
    Don't make a habit of working on your days off. You need time away from work to focus on family time. Have a co-worker cover your work during a vacation. This will keep you from worrying about it while you're gone.

  10. Be With Your Family Every Day
    Spend time every day with your children and, if married, with your wife. Don't limit family time to the weekends. Find times and events that are just for family. Tuck your kids into bed, take an evening walk, or simply have dinner or breakfast together. This will help you stay connected to your family. If you don't live with your children, try to spend as much time with them as you can. Find ways to talk with them every day over the phone or by e-mail.

  11. Create "Family Prime Time"
    Create a daily block of time for family called "family prime time." Turn off your cell phone, laptop, and pager, and keep your work off-limits during this time.

  12. Place Your Commitment in Writing
    Create and sign a "family contract." Have your children and, if married, your wife sign it, too. Put in writing that you will balance success at work with success at home so that you can be an involved, responsible, and committed father. Read this contract at the start of every week to remind you of this commitment.

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