Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was a great time to spend time with my family and show support for my current and former students.  On Friday night we attended a football game at my wife's school in which both teams had former Goodrell students.  William and I went back and forth between to the two sidelines talking to former and current students and cheering on the teams.  On Saturday we went and cheered on one of my current students as she competed in the National Ironman Kids Triathlon.  She did a great job and has inspired me to seriously prepare myself to complete my own triathlon in the future.

After the Ironkids event, our family had the opportunity to see President Obama speak. Throughout the pass four years I have been excited and at time disappointed in Obama's presidency, but after hearing what the Romney/Paul plan entails I have decided to fully support President Obama in his reelection.  While I don't agree with everything he says/does, I do think that our schools and country will be better off with Obama as President the next four years.

There are many reasons why I feel that the Obama presidency has directly or indirectly improved my life the past 4 years.  First and most important is the American Jobs Act that helped keep teachers in the classroom.  This helped keep thousands of teachers in the classroom improving the quality of education our children receive by not allowing class-size to get out of control (something that Mitt Romney doesn't think matters).   Secondly the cash for clunkers program allowed me to trade in my truck that was falling apart and needed thousands of dollars in repairs for a new vehicle with much better gas mileage at a price I could afford.  I now do not have a car payment and am in a position to never have one again. 

Two other reasons I will be supporting President Obama that do not impact me directly but shows that he attempted to do what he could (even with 100% opposition from the republicans in Congress) include ending the war in Iraq an actually passing health care changes.  As republicans attack President Obama for "Obamacare" they seem to forget that every democrat and republican running for President as long as I have been alive has said that changes needed to be made, at least Obama did something. You may not agree with everything in the law but there are a lot of good things about "Obamacare". Some highlights include ending the of discrimination of women and those with preexisting conditions, allowing children to stay on their parent's plans longer, and help making sure that the students that enter my classroom have access to health insurance which will help them do better in school. 

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