Tuesday, October 2, 2012

40 Days in the Word

This week Anna and began a new small group study at our church titled 40 Days in the Word by Pastor Rick Warren.  One of my goals of the study is to create a better habit of meditating on God's Word daily.  Not simply reading and/or listing to the Bible but to allow God's Word to dwell in me.  The goals for the class are to "love, learning and live the world of God like never before."  So far I have already gotten a lot out of the study by mediating on God's word each day, reading scripture and watching a video lesson by a Biblical scholar/ministry each day.  Rick Warren said that, "The ultimate purpose of the Bible is to change our lives." I am going to put that into practice the next 40 days!

This week's memory verse is, "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." - Colossians3:16a (NIV).  

I am sure that I will talk more about the study in future blog posts.  I would set a goal to post my application or what I learn each day, but don't think that is very realistic.  I will try to summarize my learning over a few days though. 

Day 1: Philippians 1:6 -- I need to allow myself to be worked on by God.  I need to learn from my circumstances and his Word. 

Day 2: Philippians 1:27a -- I need to focus on God and not myself.  Walk with God and continue to remember his presence in my life throughout my entire day. 

Day 3: Philippians 2:13 -- I need to step into roles that God presents to me to do his work with the talents and passions he has provided and has continue to develop in me.  I may also need to look at areas that I am devoting my time to refocus my priorities.

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