Monday, February 11, 2013

Do you really know God?

The small group study that we began this week is entitled The Christian Atheist.  The study focuses on six different types of Christian Atheists   Our first lesson was on believing in God, but not really knowing him.  The Bible says that even demons believe in God, but what we need to be true Christians is to have an intimate relationship that changes our actions.

At different stages of our life each of us has experienced different levels in our relationship with God.  There are areas in which I need to continue improving on in order to grow closer to him.  I am hopeful that this study will help me point out some of these weaknesses and allow me to strengthen them.  As a Christian, I want to be be able to say without a doubt that "I believe in God, know him intimately, and serve him wholeheartedly".  The core problem of being a Christian Atheist isn't whether we truly believe in God it is not having a personal relationship with him.

Our first lesson had a list of factors that are part of our personal relationships.  Some of them included the need to spend time together, to be vulnerable, to communicate regularly and to have common interests.  All of these things lead us to having deeper relationships with other people and with God.  As we get to know God better our lives will change.  Our lives don't change because we feel like we have to follow a set of rules, but because we love God and want to serve him.  My prayer for you and myself is to grow deeper in a relationship with God and to serve him better and loving others.

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