Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Dave Ramsey Live Experience

Last night my wife and I had the opportunity to attend Dave Ramsey's live event "Building Your Legacy" in Des Moines  The room was filled with energy as Dave and his daughter Rachel shared their story along.  They taught through Biblical principles on how to win with money so that we can leave a legacy not only for our children and grandchildren but also our community and world.  If you ever have a chance to attend a Dave Ramsey Live event in your area, you need to do it!

After I bought general admission seats, Anna (my wife) bought us backstage experience passes that allowed us to come a couple hours before the show to meet Dave in person in a smaller intimate setting, have some light snacks, and get a autographed copy of Dave's book The Total Money Makeover.  It was great to be able to have a few moments to talk with Dave and get a quick picture snapped.  We were perfectly positioned to hear Dave talk about a couple of things and get to meet with him first.  The Dave Ramsey team had him running like a machine to get around the room to everyone before running over to the FPU Coordinators Rally.

Since we also had tickets to the coordinator rally we hurried over to the Renaissance Savory hotel for that event as well.  Dave's team knows how to take care of those who volunteer for him.  If I had to compare the two events I would say that the coordinators rally was way cooler.  There were more people so you had less one-on-one time with Dave, but his team went all out for their coordinators.  At the event they served food, gave each attendee a gift bag with a book, shirt and gave each person VIP seating for the main event.  Rachel and Dave both took time to address the crowd from a stage and microphone and talked to people about how much they appreciate what we as coordinators do.  It was an amazing event!  

Toward the end of the coordinators rally we again ran back to the Civics Center to join the backstage experience group before we were escorted back to our seats.  The timing worked out perfectly and we ended up with in the front row just off center to watch the evening on life and money.   The evening lasted for about an hour longer than we had estimated and are very grateful to our friends who volunteered to watch our son during the event.  I will write a blog post later this weekend about the content of the main event.

Since Anna and I both had backstage experience tickets, we both ended up with signed copies of The Total Money Makeover.  We decided to give one away to the readers of this blog.  To enter to win complete some of the offers in the rafflecopter at the bottom of this blog.

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