Monday, June 4, 2012

Be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking than Your Parents!

If that is one of your life goals or objectives,  check out Zac Bissonnette's new book, How to be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking than your Parents.  Zac uses humor/sarcasm to lay out principles of finances that if you follow in in 20's/30's will get you ahead financially and therefore be smarter.

This books give practical advice on how to cut cost to avoid spending too much, what do do with the money you don't spend, how to get the most out of the money you do spend, and ideas on ways to make extra money.  There are some great tips in each of these categories.

Unlike most financial books that focus on living on a budget and numbers, this book gave great tips and an entertaining way especially focused for young adults.  I highly recommend buying and reading this book to anyone in their 20/30s. It would make a great graduation gift to someone graduating from college this year or in the future.

Rather than give away all the tips, I am going to give away a copy of the book.  To be entered into the contest simply like this site on facebook or become a follower using google and leave a comment in this section with a topic you would like me to cover and/or a question you have. 

If you want to buy the book you can buy it using my affiliate link and I will get some credit for the referral. The first link is for the Kindle version and the second link is for the hard copy one.

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