Sunday, June 24, 2012

The National Education Association

One of my roles is that of a union leader.  The next two weeks I will be spending time in Washington, D.C. representing educators from Des Moines in three different meetings.  The first is representing Des Moines at the National Council of Urban Education Associations.  My second meeting will be the NEA Resolutions Committee meeting representing Iowa educators.  I will end the week at the NEA Representative Assembly.

While I am in DC, I will be running for NCUEA Central Region Director which is a position on the NCUEA Executive Board.  I am running because I want to make a difference for the students and educators at the local level.

One of the "requirements" of representing fellow educators at the NEA Annual Meeting is that we are expected to contribute to the PAC fundraiser.  If you would like to help me meet my contribution you can make a donation using this link.

Due to being in DC, my access to internet may be limited, if I don't post much the next couple weeks you know why.  I promise to get back to posting when I return.

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