Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2013 Goals

As we begin a new year many people will create resolutions.  Most resolutions are thrown away and forgotten by Valentine's Day.  As my friend, Steve Stewart at MoneyPlanSOS said, "New Year Resolutions are promises of changing ones self.  Goals are plans to improve it."  What I want to do is challenge you to create one or two long-terms goals for yourself.

One strategy that I have used to help me be more successful in reaching my goals is writing them down and sharing them with others.  This helps me stay accountable to myself and others.  Below I am going to share a few of my goals for 2013 with you.  Please occasionally ask me how I am doing and help keep me accountable.

Social Wellness focuses on how you choose to define and connect with your community and the people around you.
In 2013 I plan on expanding my social networking community on facebook.  One of my goals is to reach at least 100 likes on the Brown's Balanced Life facebook page in order to gain a little viral traction and a platform to help others. 
UPDATE: Currently at 93 likes!

Financial Wellness is your relationship with money and skills in managing resources, as well as your ability to make good consumer choices and seek out appropriate financial opportunities
By the end of 2013, we would like to pay off over 20% of the current outstanding debt on our house.  To do this we will need to continue to work together with our finances  find more opportunities to earn and save more money.  We have also considered looking at selling our house, since we probably have a larger house then we really need. 
UPDATE:  Anna will be starting her Master's Degree program this semester.  We will be planning on cash flowing this and therefore may not be able to direct as much toward our debt as we originally hoped.  We will still make it our goal to eliminate at least 20% of our debt in 2013, but it will be harder.
Occupational Wellness is the work you choose to do and how you feel it contributes to your community and fulfills you.
One of my goals this year is to have portfolios prepared for every one of my students showing their specific progress based on the Humanities IB-MYP Objectives for 6th grade.  In order to do this, I will need to continue to stay organized and make sure to be given specific and meaningful feedback on all major assessments throughout the year. 
Physical Wellness refers to the role that you take in maintaining your body for strength, vitality and energy.
I have many physical wellness goals this year.  One of my goals is to participate in an organized run/race every month of 2013.  Another one of my goals is to complete the entire week of RAGBRAI in July. 
UPDATE:  I have already completed my first run in January (The Strider's Mittens Run) and have registered for the Red Flannel Run in February.
Environmental Wellness reflects the impact you have on the planet and the impact the planet has on you.
One of my goals in 2013 is for William to complete the "Leave No Trace" requirements for cub scouts to learn the importance of taking care of our environment. We will work with William to learn to be intentional with doing things outdoors and indoors to help protect our planet. 
Intellectual Wellness means feeling stimulated and engaged with learning and staying open to new ideas and perspectives.
In 2012, I completed 82 books.  My goal for 2013 is to read at least 100.  Several of my friends were able to meet this goal.  As Charlie Jones said, "Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet."  I want to read some good books, so that I can be a better person five years from now. 
Emotional Wellness are the actions you take in response to your feelings, being at peace with who you are, and the tools you need to weather life's ups and downs.
I will continue to blog about my throughs and feelings at least once a week throughout 2013. I will also post additional content on my blog's facebook page.  
A friend shared a great idea on facebook that our family has decided to put into action in 2013.  We will be keeping a "Good News Jar" to write notes of all the good things happening this year to open up and read on December 31st, 2013.   
Spiritual Wellness refers to your understanding of your place and purpose, how you make meaning of what happens to you, and what your mind goes to for comfort or relief.
After finishing reading the Bible again in 2012, I plan on starting over in 2013.  In addition to reading the Bible, I will be using Tony Dungy's The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge for my personal quiet time in 2013.  Another spiritual wellness goal of mine for 2013 is to begin weekly devotionals as a family at least 5 days a week using Bruce Wilkinson's Family Walk.

If you want help staying accountable for your goals, feel free to post them here in writing and I will ask you about your progress throughout the year.

Here is a great activity to do with kids in creating goals from Being Inspired.


  1. 82 books is an incredible effort for 2012! Nice goals man - Happy New Year :)

    1. Thank you! Completed my January run this morning, so I am on my way to completing at least one of my physical wellness goals.