Friday, January 4, 2013

Supporting Your Spouse

My wife has done an amazing job supporting me in all of my endeavors over the past several years.  She helped support me when I was earning my Master's Degree, in my work coordinating the after school program at my school, my positions within the teachers union and with my fitness goals.  

Over the next couple years one of my tasks will be supporting my wife as she pursues her Master's Degree.  The first step of this process was for Anna and I to sit down and talk about the impact this decision would have for each member of our family and the sacrifices that each of us would need to make.  We also needed to rework our budget to make additional financial sacrifices as a family to figure in the cost of tuition because since we have made a commitment to not go in to debt for anything again.  It is my turn to be Anna's cheerleader as she tackles something that is going to take time and be difficult.  When Anna has class I will be responsible entertain William and take over some of the tasks that Anna has traditionally covered for our household.  Additionally, when Anna completes classes we will make sure to celebrate her successes as a family. 
Here are some general tips of how you can support your spouse in any endeavor.  
  1. Communicate with your spouse and family members.  One of the most important things is for all members of the family to be part of the decision and commit together to the pursuit. 
  2. Believe in your spouse and be their cheerleader.
  3. Help your spouse be successful.  This could be by helping them directly with their task or by making sure they have the time to be successful by taking on other household responsibilities.  
  4. Make personal sacrifices.  We are called to put the needs of our spouse above our own needs/desires and you will need to put this into action to truly support your spouse. 
  5. Make celebrating successes a big deal!

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