Thursday, May 2, 2013

Staying Accountable with DietBet

After nearly 3 months of not being able to participate in much of any physical activity have been cleared by my doctor for some activities including biking.  I am looking forward to trying to get back in shape and prepare of RAGBRAI in July.  One of the negative side effects of not being active for a long period of time was the gaining of several pounds.

One of the things I am doing to help get myself accountable to lose some of those pounds during the month of May is hosting a DietBet with anyone who wants to join me.  You bet $20 that you can lose 4% of our bodyweight in 4 weeks and if you win you get to split the pot.  The more people who participate the bigger the pot.  I have found that by putting my money on the line I am much more motivated to meet my health goals.

Here is quick video that explains the process:

So what do you say?  Do you have a few pounds to lose and want to join us in staying accountable.  Join our DietBet today!

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