Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School Tips

As we prepare to get ready for a new school year, I wanted to share some ideas of how to strengthen your relationship with your kids.

  • Be involved in your child's education either by volunteering, visiting for lunch, etc. 
  • Cook a special breakfast for your child before school. 
  • Share your funniest memory from school. 
  • Make sure all school events end up on your calendar (activities, conferences, etc.)
  • Pray for your child's success in school. 
  • Help your child with homework or in reviewing for tests at home. 
  • Keep lines of communication open with your child's teachers. 
  • Make sure to set time aside after school to play with your kids. 
  • Spend some time to read together each night. 
  • Write a note to go in your child's lunchbox or backpack. 
  • Talk with your child on the way to school or let them pick the music. 
  • Host your child and a few of their friends for a fun activity. 
  • Remember to tell your child that you love them. 
What are ways that you will make sure to continue to help your relationship thrive when the school year begins in a couple weeks?

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