Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time to START

After reading START by Jon Acuff earlier this year I have made a few subtle changes into my life, but haven't really done anything "risky".  This all changes starting tomorrow.  I am participating in a START Experiment in which I choose some "risks" to make public and allow others to hold me accountable to.  Part of what is risky is publicly announcing my goals making myself vulnerable by allow others to hold me accountable and ask me how I am doing. 

In addition to the community that I joined, I would love for you to ask from time to time how I am doing too.

Here are the risks I have created for myself for the next 24 days.
  • Personally, I am STARTing to get back in shape by watching what I am eating and working out at least 6 times per week.  Since I broke my foot in February I have gained a lot of weight and need to get myself refocused.
  • For this blog, I am going to lay out potential topics for the year and begin the writing process on several of them.  My goal is to write a new post at least twice a week.  I am attempting to post every Sunday and Wednesday.   In addition, I am going to reflect on what the purpose of the blog will be which may lead to a name change and a move to a self-hosted platform.  Please share with me what you like about the blog which will help me as I reflect.
What risks do you need to take to get STARTed moving toward your dreams/goals? 

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