Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bucket Accomplished

One movie that had an impact on my life is the movie Bucket List.  That movie made me start thinking about all of the things I wanted to accomplish before I "kicked the bucket".  Shortly after watching the movie I started working on creating a list of 100 things I wanted to do.  I still have not completed that list, but I did start working on accomplishing some of the things that I wrote down.

Here are a few of those items:
  • Coach William - I was able to accomplish this in April/May of 2010 when I had the privilege of helping coach his Bam-Bam team.  I enjoyed showing William one of my passions and being able to help him and other kids have fun. 
  • Throw out a first pitch - I accomplished this in June 2010 at an Iowa Cubs game.  It was DMEA night and I enjoyed bringing William out on the field and throwing out a pitch along with some other DMEA leaders. 
  • Go to Disney World - We were not able to take this vacation when I was a kid, but was thrilled to be able to go as a parent.  We took my mom with us and had a blast.  It was fun seeing William's facial expressions throughout our trip. 
  • Go to Europe - I was able to take this trip with Anna to visit friends who lived in Italy.  I would love to go back and explore other areas too. Two other things that were on my list that I accomplished while there in March of 2012 were climbing the leaning tower of Pisa and touring the Roman Colosseum. 
  • Attend a Presidential Inauguration - I had the privilege of doing this in January of 2009 when Barack Obama was sworn into office.  It was excited to see history happen and witness the first non-white male sworn in as President of the United States in person.
  • Pay off my Student Loans - I was able to be debt free other than my mortgage on August 27th, 2012 when we paid off my final student loan.  It was a great feeling.  While going to Dave Ramsey's office to scream "WE"RE DEBT FREE" is on my bucket list, we have chosen to check that one off after we eliminate our mortgage too.
  • Run a 1/2 Marathon - On October 21st, 2012 I accomplished this goal in 1 hour, 48 minutes and 33 seconds which was under my 2 hour goal.  I am glad I was able to do this and hope to complete a full marathon some day. 
Later this month I will share some of the things that are still waiting to be done on my list.  What are some things that are on your bucket list?  What have you already accomplished?


  1. Isn't it great that one movie can be a great inspiration to make our lives much better? Having a bucket list is good for us, because we we're able to prioritize the important things in our life. Anyhow, I'm glad that you're almost out of debt. It's really an accomplishment for you, and I think for everyone as well. Wish you luck on your list!
    *Jaden @

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have also learned to make sure to allow my list to be fluid in order to make changes based on current interests and passions.