Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Hospitality of RAGBRAI

I have recovered from a great couple of days of RAGBRAI.  I really enjoyed my experience.  My favorite parts included seeing the beautiful countryside of Iowa and how hospitable everyone was from all the different towns/cities that we passed through.  I also loved being challenged physically and mentally.

The only bad thing from my ride was that on one portion on my way to Anamosa from Mount Vernon my chain came off the hook which caused me to have to jump off my bike and my phone fell to the ground and I cracked my screen.  I was able to avoid any damage to my bike or injury to myself though.

I am now able to cross one thing off my bucket list and I am looking forward to crossing another one off next year when I complete the entire week.   I may post my bucket list on this blog to have you help keep me accountable sometime.  Here are a few pictures that I took on my ride from Marshalltown to Anamosa.
The first morning in Marshalltown
Starting my ride out of Marshalltown
Riders on a hilltop pit-stop
One of my first pit-stops.

The Czech Plus band playing in Cedar Rapids
We are listening to Grandpa King play with his band.
Breakfast on the bridge overlooking the Cedar River.
My shadow on my ride to Anamosa.
Our welcome to Mount Vernon!

Waiting to cross hwy 151 on our way to Springville.
Welcoming sign as we entered Anamosa.

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