Monday, August 6, 2012

Graduating from FPU

Yesterday marked a couple milestones for our family.  Anna and I graduated from Financial Peace University last night after finishing our 13th class and William finished the FPU, Jr. program at our house yesterday too.

The final FPU class was titled, "The Great Misunderstanding: Unleashing the Power of Generous Giving".  It was my favorite lesson of the series because it really talks about the why behind all of the financial discipline of baby steps 1-6.  The final of the seven baby steps is to build wealth and give!  I am looking forward to being at the point to have fun generously giving to causes and people.

Some of the key points of the lesson included;
  • You and I are asset managers for the Lord, so if we view it properly we aren't giving our own money, anyway. 
  • Giving makes us more Christ-like; a spiritually mature Christian gives. 
  • Giving moves you to become less selfish, and less selfish people have more a tendency to prosper in relationships and in wealth. 
  • Because we are designed in God's image, we are happiest and most fulfilled when serving and giving. 
  • As Christians we are called to give a tithe (10%) of our first fruits.  The tithe is to go to the local church.  Offerings are above the tithe and are freely given from surplus. 
  • Financial Peace is more than just God's system for understanding money, becoming debt free, and building wealth.  Financial Peace is when the Great Misunderstanding is understood. 
Financial Peace Junior is built around the the main FPU principles of working, saving, giving and spending.  The program is based around a workbook that kids work through along with their parents.  Each lesson comes with a story, an opportunity to practice the lesson, a connection to the Bible, and some fun activities.  Each kit comes with a chore chart that kids begin to earn commission instead of getting allowances, teaching our children that money comes from work and is not given because they deserve it. William really enjoyed going through the workbook with me and learned a great foundation of how to handle money.

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