Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer is Ending

This is the last weekend of our summer break.  I was able to enjoy some baseball games with my grandfather and family this week and spent the day at the Iowa State Fair yesterday. As summer ends I want to take a look at my goals for the summer and see how I did.  Here were my goals that I posted earlier.


  • Finish at least 6 more books. (I read many more) 
  • Learn something I can implement immediately at each of the 10 meetings/conferences/trainings I am going to this summer. ( I did this)
  • Finish FPU at my church strong. (We did this too)

  • Go on a mini trip with my family.  (We turned this into a bigger trip going to Wisconsin for almost a week with Anna's parents--it was a lot of fun)
  • Schedule time together with friends over the summer.  (We did this some, I wish we would have done more though--I will have to extend this goal into the school year). 
  • Go on at least three date nights this summer. (We did this and some!)

  • Read at least one book to improve myself. (Check)
  • Continue reflecting and updating this blog. (Check)
  • Laugh each day. (Maybe??)

  • Participate in RAGBRAI. (Yes I did this)
  • Train for 10K (September) and ½ Marathon (October).  ( I am doing this)
  • Finish one of the Warrior-Run Races at Sleepy Hallow in less than 30 minutes. (I didn't do this because they made them tougher, though I do still have the Fire Warrior Run on August 25th)

  • Read the Bible daily. (Yes!)
  • Participate in a small group study. (Yes!)
  • Find ways to serve others and make a difference. (Yes!)

My next post will be after I am back to work full time and I may make some goals for the rest of 2012. 

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