Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ways to be a Great Parent!

I head through a booklet produced by the Iowa Family Resource Network about being a great parent.  It laid out 101 different ways and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you, modify a few and possibly add some of my own.

  1. Provide unconditional love.
  2. Be the best role model you can be. 
  3. Make time to be together.  (Put aside the newspaper, log off the computer, put away the cell phone and enjoy an activity together.)
  4. Admit your mistakes.
  5. Keep your promises. 
  6. Think positively.  
  7. Have patience.  Let your children finish explanations.  Don't interrupt or jump to conclusions.
  8. Try to schedule dinner and other meals together whenever possible.
  9. Do everyday thinks together. 
  10. Read with your children every day.
  11. Make daily exercise part of your child(ren)'s routine.  Join them whenever possible. 
  12. Set an example by keeping your cool and handling anger in the best way possible. 
  13. Take good physical and emotional care of yourself so you can "be there" for your child(ren). 
  14. Give simple and honest answers to your child(ren)'s questions. 
  15. Remember that children are precious and parenting is a privilege. 
Some of these are much easier to do than others.  As parents, we constantly need to remind ourselves that our child(ren) are blessings from God and take advantage of the time we have with them.  What are some other ways you can come up with on how to be a great parent?

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