Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Giving Opportunity

The North High School National Honor Society students took on a huge volunteer project.  They are working on putting together gift boxes for all of the kindergarten students at Oak Park Elementary.  They would also like to make them for all the kindergarten students Findley Elementary.  Many students in these schools come from families that cannot afford to give much to their children for Christmas. 

They have already created enough boxes for all of the students from Oak Park, but need many more boxes to complete the goal of making them for all students at Findley too.  Students are selling candy canes at school, but they would have to sell quite a few to meet their goal.  

If you would be interested in donating to this volunteer project please let my wife, Anna, or I know.  Or if you would like to create a box, it would be great project to do with your own children or grandchildren.  Each box costs roughly $10 -15.  Students are adding at least 7 items in each box.  The items may include a toothbrush and paste, a pair of mittens and/or a hat, color crayons and a coloring books and a couple of fun toys.  The boxes would be designated "Boy" or "Girl".  

The students at North High School can wrap the gifts unless you or your family would like to do that.  Please let us know if you or your family would like to help the North High School National Honor Society with this awesome project.  

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