Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Setting Our Children Up for Success

Most of us likely know that family income, race and the education background of parents have all shown a close tie to a student's grades.  What though, is the most accurate predictor of a child's school performance?  Many students have shown us that how well their parents create a home environment that encourages learning as key.  This is the job of both parents.  In too many cases raising a child and creating such an environment falls to just the mother.  Both fathers and mothers need to work together to foster a great home learning environment.

What can we do?  As Lori posted on the blog's facebook page, we need to get involved in our child's schooling.  As Sheila said, we need to actually find out what they are doing at school, be interested and encourage further exploration.

The average kid spends way too much time in front of the TV.  So let's shut off the TV and help develop the kind of culture at home that will encourage learning.  One key way that Cathy shared is to foster a positive environment at home that encourages learning is to read with your kids every day.  When they are younger read to them and as they grow have them read to you too.  Take your child(ren) to the library, it is free and opens up the world to them.  Help them find books that they are interested in.  

Let's take the tremendous power and responsibility of being parents seriously and take an active role in making sure to develop an environment that encourages learning at home and being interested in what is going on at school.  If you don't, who will?

Here is a top 10 tops for dads to get involved in their child's education from the National Fatherhood Initiative
  1. Don't let mom do all the work.
  2. "Show and Tell" how important school is. 
  3. Help with school work.
  4. Make school fun.
  5. Spend a day or two in class.
  6. Go to school and class events. 
  7. Meet with the teacher. 
  8. Join a group that helps parents become involved.
  9. Get to know other children and parents. 
  10. Ask your boss for time off.
While not all of these are possible for everyone, there are some great tips to help your child(ren) do well in school.  What will you commit to do to help your child be successful?  

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