Sunday, September 22, 2013

Reflecting on My Juice Fast

I survived my three day juice fast.  I honestly was hungry only at two points during the three days.  The first was when I didn't do a great job drinking my water during the first part of day one.  The second was late at night on day 2 when I stayed up two hours later than I was planning and didn't adjust my juice or water intake.

I felt great and had plenty of energy all three days.  It was a great test of my self-control as I still cooked the meals for my family that I had to resist tasting or eating any of it.  From a health perspective I hope that it helped cleanse out some of the toxins that were in my body and give me a rejuvenating shot toward healthy living the next several months.

The short term impact included losing just over 2 pounds in four days (3 including the fast and one day after).  I assumed this would somewhat be negated as I start eating foods again.  I feel great and believe that if I could resist eating solid foods for three days I should be able to make mostly healthy choices moving forward.

While I was able to complete this juice fast without any negative side effects you are recommended to check with a medical professional before radically changing your diet to make sure it would be healthy for you.  My post is just a reflection of my experience and not meant to be used as an endorsement or recommendation of others completing a three day juice fast. 

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