Sunday, September 8, 2013

Step It Up

Tomorrow I begin another physical wellness accountability group.  I am joining together with about 20 other staff members from my school to participate in Live Healthy Iowa's: The Next Step Challenge.  During this challenge teams of 2-10 Iowans track the numbers of steps they walk each week with a pedometer.  The numbers are reported and we can track how we are are doing compared to others and set personal step goals.

My personal goal is walk on average over 10,000 steps per day from September 9th to the end of the challenge on October 18th.

Along with tracking our steps we have a "team" that will be able to help keep each other accountable and encourage one another.  Live Healthy Iowa also gives us lots of online recipes, workouts and other health information to help us live healthier in additional to supporting our goals of moving more.

You can join today on their website or can join informally and commit to walk more over the next 40 days.  You can track your steps using a pedometer or a smart phone app.  If you need an accountability partner let me know and I will support you!

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