Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday

The United Methodist Church through their campaign #rethinkchurch are asking us to reclaim Christmas this year.  Here is their 60 second advertisement.  Check it out!

One way we can reclaim the spirit of Christmas is by participating in Giving Tuesday.  You can read about what charities are doing here. Today we are called to give some of ourselves to others.  It can be your time, your money, or your talents.  Take some time out of your schedule today to give!  Before leaving for my meeting/conference, my family went through multiple rooms in our house cleaning out things we no longer need and Anna and William will be donating those to Hope Ministry while I am away.  I will be spending the day giving of my time at the NCUEA Executive Board meeting preparing to help hundreds of educators coming to our fall conference this weekend and thousands of members and millions of students in urban school districts across the country.  I will be also looking for other opportunities to participate in random acts of kindness while in Seattle throughout the day/week.

Some great ideas.

Please share other sites with some great ideas on how to give back to others in your family, community and world this holiday season.  

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