Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making Memories

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to make lasting memories with family members.  I made a lot of these memories.  I was able to enjoy two Thanksgiving feast with my extended family.  We were able to attend "Meet Me in St. Louis" with Anna's parents.  I was able to play Bingo with my grandpa, my mom, my aunts and my brother.  We also were able to continue our family tradition of getting a family picture we add new people to our family.

When William was born we just took the picture at a family gathering with my moms camera.  When my brothers or I got married we added a member to our family and made sure to get a large family photograph by the wedding photographer.  This year we had the addition of two baby girls and had our pictures taken by a professional photography studio in Cedar Rapids before the Davis family Thanksgiving.  Below are some of the pictures that were taken Saturday.
William and his baby cousins
My mom and her four sons
My mom and her grandkids 
The whole family

My three brothers and me
William's solo picture
My nuclear family

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  1. You guys look awesome! I bet William is loving having new cousins! :-)