Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Fitness

The average person gains over 5 pounds during the holiday season.  Due to this my gym, Kosama in Altoona), is hosting a holiday fitness challenge to keep people motivated to continuing moving toward our goals between now and December 31st. I signed up on Monday and committed to my current fat mass.  I cannot to gain more than .6lb or will have to pay $5 a pound into a pot.  If I lose more than .6lbs I will get to divide the pot equally with all other people who lose more than .6lbs during the holiday season.  I have doing a lot of running but not doing a great job with my eating or making it to the gym lately, so I am looking forward to this challenge to recommit me to my health goals.  I would encourage you to join me in trying to make this the fittest holiday season of your life.

If anyone would like to join me, Kosama has a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday sale.  You can join for a 14 month membership for only $599.00 plus an additional 2 months. This comes out to less than $43.00 a month! Call, email or stop in to Kosama Altoona to take advantage of this deal.   If you join mention I referred you!

Here are some blogs/websites with some tips for staying fit this Thanksgiving:

Please add any tips that you use in the comments on the blog! 

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    If you are interested in joining Kosama as a New Years Resolution, start now and do the remainder of 2012 for FREE! If you sign a contract for January 1st you can enroll for 12 months at $64.00 a month or $79.00 month to month and not pay a dime until January 1st, 2013. Call and enroll if you are interested.