Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rethinking Blog

I have been rethinking the purpose of this blog and deciding what I want to do with it in the future.  I can continue to talk about my life.  I could look at current events and give my opinion through various lenses.  I could focus on a topic and talk about books I read, my experiences and thoughts I have on a specific topic (church, finances, fatherhood, etc.).  I could also just delete the blog.

If you have a preference on what you would be interested in reading, leave me some feedback in the comment section.  I hope to figure out the future of the blog by the end of the month, but hopefully I will post at least once or twice between now and then too.


  1. Josh, I like your blog a lot and actually brought it up during one of our staff meetings the other day. :) It's great to see a man sharing his journey to becoming better in all aspects of life. You're a great example to fathers, husbands, teachers, and Christians, and you always have something valuable to contribute and share with your readers. Whatever direction you decide to take it, or if you decide to refocus your time and energy by deleting it all together, be happy and proud of your choice.

  2. Thank you for the feedback Shelene. I truly appreciate it. I think I am going to focus on using the blog to set goals and keep myself accountable to myself, others and to God in meeting those goals. I am looking forward to continuing to improve and hope that in the future I am in a position to help others too.